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ADS Services

  • Submit or Correct an Abstract: This form allows users to submit records which are missing from the abstract service or send corrections to existing records. The preferred way to submit batches of records is described in our Help pages.

  • Submit missing references to an existing ADS record: Use this form to submit one or more citations currently missing from our databases. In order to use this form you will need to know the bibcode of the citing and cited papers.

  • Submit Associated References: We also provide a form letting users supply us with bibliographic codes for publications that are related. Such associated references are connected with O-links or X-links (for Arxiv matches) in the ADS database. If you know of any correlated references (errata, ArXiv, series of articles, etc.), please let us know about them by filling in the codes in this form.

If you wish to acknowledge us in a publication, kindly use a phrase such as the following: ''This research has made use of NASA's Astrophysics Data System Service.'' Thanks!