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ADS Classic is now deprecated. It will be completely retired in October 2019. Please redirect your searches to the new ADS modern form or the classic form. More info can be found on our blog.

SAO/NASA ADS -> Help -> Printing Preferences
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    4.3 - Printing/Article Service Preferences

    The ADS Preference Settings Form allows the user to customize certain settings used in the selection of the output format and resolution when viewing and printing full-text articles which are available from the ADS Article Service. Please note that the ADS also links to the full-text of articles available from third parties such as journal publishers or research institutions. The article preference settings discussed in this section do not apply to full-text articles in this category.

    The customizable options are:

    Article display
    by default, article pages are displayed one at a time in your browser (Single Page mode); check the Thumbnails button if you wish to view the article as a collection of thumbnail images instead.

    Display quality
    the number of bits used to represent each pixel in the image. The higher the number, the more readable the scanned page will be (but the longer it will take to load in your browser).

    Thumbnail quality
    same as Display quality above, but for thumbnails.

    Display resolution
    the number of dots per inch to be displayed on your monitor. The higher the number, the larger the page will look on your screen (but the longer it will take to load in your browser).

    Article return through
    users may choose to download full-text articles either through their web browser (which is the most straightforward and immediate delivery method), or by having the document e-mailed to them.

    Return article as
    selection of what document format should be used to retrieve the article or page; for detailed information please see the Article service printing page.

    Page size
    specifies what media the article will be printed on, allowing proper formatting of the full-text pages.

    Article destination
    selection of what the destination of the article should be.

    Compress for transfer
    enables compression of the article to minimize the document size during transfer; two compressions are supported: GNU gzip and UNIX compress.

    Duplex printing
    if enabled, postscript printers capable of printing both front and back of pages will do so.

    Propagate Preferences
    Propagate the settings for these preferences from this site to the main ADS article mirror when forwarding requests that cannot be fulfilled on the current site and need to be forwarded to the main ADS mirror (this only matters if a partial mirror site is in use). If you do not set this preference, you can select different default resolutions on the different mirror sites, depending on well you are connected with the different mirror sites.

    Dexter Java version
    Select the appropriate Java AWT library for your platform to be used by the Dexter data extraction applet.

    you may choose to optionally enter your name if you are interested in being on our mailing list (see Email Address).

    Email address
    if you use email as a delivery method for receiving full-text articles or if you wish to be on our mailing list, please complete this field. If you do not wish to be on our mailing list, make sure to check the button Do not use for announcements.

    Split Email in pages
    check Yes if you want each article page to be emailed as a separate document, rather than bundled in the article.

    Maximum Email size
    enter the maximum file size to be e-mailed to you; if the document to be sent is larger, it will be split in multiple e-mail messages. This avoids problems with some mailer systems that enforce maximum sizes for messages being sent or received.

    The bottom part of the article preference page contains settings allowing users to change the default colors in the generated browser pages used for background, foreground, text, links, and highlighting. You can also choose to modify the default font size.

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